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    Uniform manufacturing company - Logo embroidery - Uniform printing - Custom design

    May đồng phục: số lượng không hạn chế - Chuyên đồng phục fashion, doanh nghiệp, bệnh viện, trường học

    Production process

    • 1 - Consulting, uniform design
    • 2 - Cut to size
    • 3 - Logo embroidery on request
    • 4 - Quality production
    • 5 - Fast delivery.

    Our professionally trained staff is ready to bring you uniform solutions !

    Thu Huong Embroidery Garment Design Production Trading Company Limited

    167 Hoosick St, Troy, NY 12180 167 Hoosick St, Troy, NY 12180

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  • 1. I want to make a uniform but I don't have a design, what should I do?
    In our database there are hundreds of ready-made uniform designs. You just need to choose the model you like best, can edit the colors, mix as you like, a professional design and consulting team will help you complete the most complete design. All designs are free.
  • 2. I want to order uniforms but I'm far away, how do I do it?
    Currently, there are 2 offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. However, our company provides uniforms to all 64 provinces and cities nationwide. We cooperate with partners who are the most reputable freight forwarders. Always free shipping for distant customers. We send the clearest actual product images via Zalo or Gmail for your reference. If customers want to see the goods and samples directly, we also support sending the goods to customers by post.
  • 3. How long does it take to sew a uniform?
    It can be said that depending on the type of uniform and the number of orders as well as the quantity when sewing the uniform, the sewing time will also have a different distribution. In addition, depending on the geographical area where you live, there is also a significant impact on this time factor. Orders of T-shirts, skirts, aprons…. Usually ranges from 6-15 days Other orders vary from 15-20 days [SPECIAL] – With urgent orders, we will deliver within 8 hours from the time you request!
  • 4. What is the price when ordering uniforms?
    Depending on the quantity or material you use in making the uniform, the product price will vary. With us you will get the most affordable products. The consultant will provide you with the most detailed price list.
  • 5. How many sizes does the company have?
    Our company currently has a full set of shirt sizes suitable for everyone from the smallest to the largest: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL for both men's and women's shirts. In addition, we also have oversize, Free size, tailor-made uniforms on request.
  • 6. How to choose a uniform fabric?
    There are many types of fabrics used to make uniforms, each fabric has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Please refer to our articles of advice on choosing the right fabric for your uniform so that you can choose the best fabric for your uniform or receive direct advice from our staff.
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    Price quotation