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The event uniforms are "walking brochures". Many businesses from large to small use this form of marketing, they order their own event uniforms with their own logo, website, and contact information. With a low investment cost, effective brand promotion is extremely great.

Structure - Utility features of Event Uniforms at Thu Huong

- With the needs of customers, fabric materials are selected to help users feel comfortable, most comfortable, in accordance with the needs of customers.

- Standard design form. Exquisite seam, cool material, sweat absorbent, no creasing, high color fastness.

-Logo is designed and printed according to customer needs such as computerized embroidery, water-based silk screen printing, decal printing, flexible silk screen printing, high printing, digital printing ...

Value to the user

- Brand promotion, many opportunities to reach customers.

- Create comfort and coolness for the user.

- Demonstrating a professional working environment, organized, contributing to the absolute trust of customers and partners

For the audience

- Join team building

- Need to promote the brand

- PG

Contact Thu Huong Fashion for advice, receive direct garment production according to customer requirements.




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