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Hospital uniform 007

Mô tả

Hospital uniforms are unique and characteristic uniforms for the medical profession. The hospital is a working environment with a lot of patients, where many pathogens spread, so doctors, nurses, Pharmacists, … those who work here have to wear separate medical uniforms to limit infection and at the same time differentiate between departments.

Hospital uniform not only makes medical centers, hospitals, clinics more professional, but also has its own meaning: doctor uniform, nurse uniform, operating room uniform, nursing uniform, nurse doctor hats, patient uniforms, ….

Structure – Utility Features Hospital Uniform Products in Thu Huong

– Diverse fabric materials such as elastic khaki, sikl, italian kate, american kate, cold cotton … Comfortable stretch, sweat absorbent, durable, very little wrinkles and no discoloration when washed.

– Very good color fastness, no worry about sagging after repeated washing, less dirt, easy and convenient to wash.

– Design: Color and material require a high degree of cleanliness and sterility; create sympathy for the patient and the patient’s family.

Value to customers

– Demonstrating professional quality, culture and professional communication in the medical profession.

– Create comfort because working in the hospital requires a lot of travel, especially with simple and delicate sewing design to easily wear or remove when needing to change quickly, convenient for healing work.

– To easily distinguish between doctors and nurses, in some departments in the hospital, there are differences between these 2 outfits for everyone and patients to easily recognize.

The hospital uniform product at Thu Huong has all the quality testing documents in accordance with the current regulations of the Vietnamese government.

With many years of operation in the uniform industry, Thu Huong Fashion has always received the trust of many large and small customers nationwide. To gain trust and create customer satisfaction, Thu Huong Fashion has constantly strived, tried and perfected every day to best meet the needs of customers. Along with that, our staff always work enthusiastically and dedicatedly to bring you the best and most satisfied products.

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